Sunrise Scholarship Fund

Do you need training for employment or job advancement?

This Program will provide scholarships of up to $500 for Washington County residents, of low-to-moderate income, who will be attending a training and/or certification program that will increase their opportunities for IMMEDIATE employment or job advancement.

Email applications to:

Mail applications to: 
Jennifer Peters
7 Ames Way
Machias, ME 04654

Scholarship Requirements

The applicant must be able to show that taking this course/program will allow them access to immediate employment or job advancement. Scholarships will not be considered for classes taken only for self-enrichment. Funds can be used only for tuition and must be used within six months of approval. Otherwise, the applicant must reapply.

If an applicant has already received a scholarship from the Fund, they must provide documentation of successful completion of the initial training opportunity to be eligible to apply for additional funding.

Requests are reviewed and presented to SCEC’s Scholarship Committee for consideration. To ensure ample time for review, applications must be submitted to SCEC by the first Friday of the month, or they may not be processed until the following month’s Committee meeting.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I apply to the Sunrise Scholarship Fund more than once?

Yes. You may only have one scholarship at a time, but upon successful completion of the program, you can apply for another scholarship if additional training would increase your opportunities for immediate employment or job advancement.

What is the maximum scholarship I can receive?

Up to $500.00.

Can I get a scholarship for a college course?

Only if the course cannot be covered by financial aid. The Sunrise scholarship covers trainings that traditional financial aid does not cover (Example: EMT Basic class at Washington County Community College).

Will a Sunrise scholarship cover other costs related to training, such as mileage and uniforms?

No. The scholarship will only cover training and testing costs associated with licensing or certification.

How long do I have to begin training after my scholarship is approved?

You have six months to enroll in and begin the course from the time you receive the scholarship. If you have not started within the six-month timeframe, you must reapply.

How long will it take to hear back to find out if my scholarship application was approved?

The applications are reviewed monthly by the Scholarship Coordinator and then presented to the Sunrise County Economic Council’s Scholarship Committee for the approval process. Within a week after the meeting, the applicant will receive a letter and possibly a phone call informing them of the status of the scholarship.

Can my scholarship be used for training outside Washington County?

Yes. The scholarship can also be used for online training.

How do I know if I am eligible for the scholarship?

You must be a resident of Washington County, of low-to-moderate income, who will be attending training that will increase your opportunities for IMMEDIATE employment or job advancement.

Questions about the Sunrise Scholarship Fund?

Contact Jennifer Peters, Director of Community Development with all of your scholarship questions!

Phone: 207-255-0983 | Send email


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