Transportation Planning


The Washington County Council of Governments (WCCOG) completed bicycle and pedestrian needs assessments and walkability audits throughout Washington County.

In 2017, WCCOG conducted a status update to these plans from a regional perspective, and conducted an audit of walking programs directed toward senior residents.

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Calais Bicycle and Pedestrian Assessment

View PDF Report (2009)

Calais Bicycle and Pedestrian Access Maps: 

Regional and City Center Views

Sidewalk Conditions

Sidewalks and Crosswalks

ADA Accessibility


A Downtown Bicycle and Pedestrian Assessment was prepared for the City of Eastport in the summer of 2013 to support the Eastport Sprocket Society in their efforts to enhance the walking and bicycling experience of residents, especially school children, and visitors alike.

City of Eastport Downtown Bicycle and Pedestrian Assessment – Report Cover

City of Eastport Downtown Bicycle and Pedestrian Assessment – Report Text (17 pages)

Appendix A – Maps List

Map 1 – Origins and Destinations (1MB)

Map 2 – Current Sidewalk Conditions & Obstructions (1MB)

Map 3 – Current Bicycle Infrastructure Conditions (1MB)

Map 4 – Walkability & Bikeability of Recommended Routes (1.1MB)


Lubec Walkability Assessment


Milbridge Downtown Walkability Audit Report:

View PDF Report (2009)

Milbridge Downtown Walkability Audit Appendices A-D:

    Image shows a faded crosswalk connecting two curbs with a tree and parking lot in the background. In the far distance, there is a person walking.


    Routing Study for Potential/Alternative Trail Connections Between Pleasant Point and Eastport

    WCCOG prepared a Routing Study for Potential/Alternative Trail Connections Between Pleasant Point and Eastport (PDF, 401 KB)      (October 11, 2012).  This document is currently in DRAFT form and is awaiting review and recommendation by the City of Eastport.  The associated maps and photos can be found at the following links:

    Downeast Sunrise Trail & the East Coast Greenway

    The Downeast Sunrise Trail is a 80-mile off-road trail from Ayer’s Junction in Charlotte to Washington Junction in Ellsworth.

    The East Coast Greenway is envisioned as an off-road urban trail connecting Calais, Maine to Key West, Florida. Completion of the Down East Sunrise Trail will create the single longest stretch of off-road trail along the East Coast Greenway in Maine.

    WCCOG has worked with the Maine DOT, DOC, Sunrise Trail Coalition and East Coast Greenway to review and prepare regional routing studies and trail assessment associated with the Sunrise Trail and East Coast Greenway segments in Washington County.

    Routing Study for Trail Connections Between Calais and Ayers Junction (PDF, 1.5 MB) 08/17/2007
    Sunrise Trail Trailhead Assessment (PDF, 1.1 MB) 08/13/2007

    Download the Complete Streets presentation here provided by Nancy Grant of the Bicycle Coalition of Maine provided to the WCCOG Executive Committee on August 25, 2014.

    Download The Best Complete Streets Policies of 2012 from Smart Growth America.

    Six Villages Bicycle and Pedestrian Access Plan

    WCCOG prepared  a Village Bicycle and Pedestrian Access Plan (PDF, 1.9 MB)(June 22, 2011) for the six communities of Cherryfield, Harrington, Columbia Falls, Whitneyville, East Machias and Dennysville.

    Village areas in these six communities in Washington County, Maine were selected for inclusion in this plan due to their location on or along the Down East Sunrise Trail. The Sunrise Trail is an 85-mile, off-road, multi-use trail between Ayers Junction in Charlotte, Maine and Washington Junction in Hancock, Maine.