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Digital Equity Means… Digital skills classes in Spanish!

Equidad digital significa...¡Clases de habilidades digitales en español! With a committment to digital equity, Mano en Mano, Sunrise County Economic Council, and the National Digital Equity Center have partnered to bring free digital skills classes to Spanish-speaking...
Jennifer Peters, Director of Community Development


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Phone: 207-255-0983


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Successful projects support a broad range of economic development initiatives such as, but not limited to, projects that modernize and expand access to public water and wastewater services, revitalize transportation infrastructure, establish workforce development programs and facilities, grow the outdoor recreation economy, and provide access to new childcare and healthcare facilities.

Administration Assistance through SCEC 

The NBRC Federal-State partnership is aided by a group of regional organizations called Local Development Districts (LDDs) that assist the NBRC in its outreach activities and administer NBRC investments for grantees. LDDs are knowledgeable about other Federal and State programs that help fund economic and community development projects.

Sunrise County Economic Council is an LDD. 

Each Catalyst Program award is required to utilize an LDD for grant administration assistance unless they are an agency of State government, are an LDD, or have requested and received LDD waiver approval from NBRC prior to the submission of the Catalyst Program application. 

LDDs are compensated for their administrative work, through a reimbursement process with the grantee, based on the formula of 2% of the NBRC award. LLDs can assist with: 

  • Quarterly Reporting: Ensure that the grantee files quarterly reports on time and enough information
    to provide a meaningful outline of where the project is at in the process.
  • Reimbursement Requests: Provide guidance to grantees on filing reimbursement requests and ensure that reimbursement requests are accurate, within approved budget and contain all the necessary documentation to provide evidence of match and reimbursements that are expected to be paid by NBRC.
  • Final Reporting: Ensure that the grantee has filed their final report and financial report in a timely manner after the project is complete.
  • General Assistance: Be available to provide guidance to the grantee with other issues such as what their responsibilities are regarding procurement of goods and services and contractors. Have a general knowledge base about federal grant programs, specifically NBRC.