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“FFD changed my life. It has been so much more than college credits. It has been support, friendships, laughter, tears and determination. It has been an outlet, a sounding board, and a shoulder. It has been so much more than I set out to achieve.”

– Shannon Demarest
Cohort 2, University of Maine at Machias


FFD is a 2 Generation college program designed for parents and their children.  It’s unique because parents enroll in college preparation and college classes with a cohort of peers, and a coach to help guide them.  At the same time, children enroll in high quality education programs. It’s called a 2 Gen program because the WHOLE FAMILY – parents and children – are working together to achieve their goals.


FFD is a collaborative partnership between six agencies and organizations, including Sunrise County Economic Council, created to promote post-secondary education for parents and early childhood education for their children as a means to reduce poverty, create employment opportunities and improve stability in Washington County, Maine families.


Angela Cox

Angela Cox

FFD Enrollment and Eligibility Assistant

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Angela Cox

Donielle Fields

FFD Family Coach

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Jessica McPhail, FFD Coach

Jessica McPhail

FFD Student Coach

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Shane Renshaw, FFD Transitions Coach

Shane Renshaw

FFD Transitions Coach

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Marsha Sloan, Family Futures Downeast Director

Marsha Sloan

FFD Director

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