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Five -Year Strategic Plan

Over the past twenty-three years, SCEC has worked to initiate and facilitate the creation of jobs and prosperity in Washington County. SCEC has experimented and sought out new partners.  It has developed new programs, and helped bring substantial new investment into the county. In so doing, SCEC has helped hundreds of businesses with loans, training, and technical assistance; supported scores of individuals in the advancement of their careers; and assisted dozens of towns in improving their public infrastructure.

SCEC has had many successes, but the hard fact is that the overall health of the county’s economy has not improved. SCEC has undertaken a Five-Year Strategic Plan for 2016-2020 in an effort to build on our individually successful programs and partnerships and scale up the organization to meet this imperative.

SCEC’s challenge is one of scale. The danger is that our efforts, while individually successful, are insufficient to shift the trajectory of the county’s economy. Strategic planning input from key stakeholders across the County underscored that SCEC must grow into a larger, more capable organization to achieve greater results. This plan outlines seven goals and numerous initiatives that both build on our current strengths and partnerships and go beyond them. Over the next five years SCEC will work to accomplish ambitious targets while recognizing that this plan is an interim step. When accomplished, this work will lay the groundwork for even more challenging ambitions in the future.

There is much more work to be done leveraging the resiliency and capabilities of Washington County people and changing the direction of our economy. SCEC presents this strategic plan as a substantial next step!

Other Reports and Publications

SCEC has been involved in many projects over the years and has worked with various communities, businesses and individuals to initiate and facilitate the creation of jobs and prosperity in Washington County. Below is a listing of some of the reports and publications we and our collaborators have released as part of that work.