In response to the January 2024 storms, Sunrise County Economic Council has created a survey to be used to collect information on damages incurred to Washington County working waterfront infrastructure. As available funds will be limited for repairing or replacing damaged structures, it’s important for us to know which infrastructure exists, which structures were damaged, and who might need assistance in accessing funds when they become available.

Our most recent working waterfront inventory occurred in 2008. Given the likelihood of our region experiencing additional storms like those of last month, documenting our current working waterfront infrastructure will better prepare us to advocate for receiving funds to help Washington County in repairing and rebuilding these structures. Working waterfront infrastructure includes any structure that supports marine-dependent economic activities, including fishing, recreation, education, and other marine industries. This includes but is not limited to wharves, piers, docks, ramps, etc. While we want to hear about all such structures, we are particularly interested in learning about storm-damaged structures.

If you have working waterfront infrastructure to add to this inventory, damaged or not, please reach out to either Dodie Emerson ( / 207-271-2132) or Amanda Smith ( / 207-259-0755) to receive a link to this survey.

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