Sunrise County Economic Council becomes a member of the Washington County Recovery Friendly Workplace Network


Quote from SCEC's Executive Director, Charles, Rudelitch: “We are committed to creating a healthy, safe, and stigma-free work environment where employers, employees, and communities can collaborate to create positive change and eliminate barriers for those impacted by problematic substance use.”SCEC joins Washington County Community College, R.H. Foster Energy and A.C. Inc. as early adopters of the Network.

In Washington County, recovery-friendly workplaces present a unique win-win for community members impacted by problematic substance and/or alcohol use and for employers faced with unprecedented recruitment and retention challenges. The intersection of “Can’t find help” and “Can’t find work” is reflected in the data, where civilian labor participation rates are low and substance and/or alcohol use disorders are related to numerous barriers to employment.

A county-wide Recovery Friendly Workplace Network will help people in recovery find essential employment opportunities that support their economic well-being and recovery journeys. At the same time, such a network will help employers hire and maintain workers, reduce costs, and continue to build thriving businesses and organizations. Altogether, we believe a Recovery Friendly Workplace Network will also reduce stigma related to substance and alcohol use disorders and address larger challenges of workforce participation and persistent poverty in Washington County. Working together with commitment from businesses, both large and small, this Network will also save lives.

Recovery Friendly Workplaces promote wellness across work environments, with a focus on supporting needs associated with problematic alcohol and substance use, and recovery. Problematic alcohol and substance use do not only impact the individual. Employers, family members, and the community also experience the effects. The Washington County Recovery Friendly Workplace Network supports employers so they can support their employees.

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