Image of people around a table in a conference room viewing a screen with digital equity guidelines in Spanish.

Equidad digital significa…¡Clases de habilidades digitales en español!

With a committment to digital equity, Mano en Mano, Sunrise County Economic Council, and the National Digital Equity Center have partnered to bring free digital skills classes to Spanish-speaking residents in Washington County.

The classes are free of charge and held in Spanish. The first few classes have focused around accessing Broadband, and internet safety. Moving forward, classes will focus on the unique needs and interests of community members.

Mano en Mano Director of Access and Advocacy, Laura Thomas shares,

“These classes are a step towards bridging the gap in online knowledge. Many folks did not grow up in the digital age or with the same access to internet education. Having the classes available in students’ first language is also essential to their success and in creating space for questions, learning, and understanding new skills. These classes help create more access and close the gap in services.”

SCEC Regional Broadband Coordinator and Chair of the Washington County Digital Equity Coalition, Elaine Abbott shares,

“Sunrise County Economic Council and the Washington County Digital Equity Coalition are proud to be partners with Mano en Mano in bridging the digital divide. Language barriers must be addressed for full inclusion in our ever increasing digital world.”

NDEC Founder and Executive Director, Susan Corbett shares,

“The National Digital Equity Center is pleased to partner with Mano en Mano and Sunrise County Economic Council to offer our digital skills classes in Spanish to the Downeast community. Our classes provide opportunities for professional growth, personal enrichment, the development of computer skills, and preparation for professional careers in a supportive environment.”

Is your community interested in digital equity and inclusion? Would you like to know more about what broadband infrastructure improvements look like for your community? SCEC can assist – at no cost!

Photo credit: Mano en Mano; Used with Permission.

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