In the heart of Maine, Washington County is more than just a place to live – it’s a community with a strong spirit and a rich history. For those who call this county home and are seeking ways to further their professional journey while giving back to their community, the Gracie Fund is a golden opportunity.

Established to stimulate community development and foster deeper connections within Washington County, the Gracie Fund is a student loan repayment program. It offers a substantial boost of up to $5,000 annually in loan repayment awards to three selected individuals. The emphasis is not only on career growth but also on active community service, intertwining the personal and professional development of individuals with the progress of Washington County.

A key component of the Gracie Fund is its strong focus on community service. With guidance from the fund administrators, recipients create a volunteer action plan that outlines short and long-term goals tailored to their interests and skills. From attracting businesses to the area to designing a comprehensive plan for your town or even serving on a town board, the options are varied and impactful.

The Gracie Fund has its roots firmly planted in the belief that the development of Washington County goes hand-in-hand with the personal growth of its residents. This belief fuels the fund’s purpose of offering tuition-reimbursement incentives, encouraging natives or long-term residents to establish new and stronger roots within their communities. These awards, while considered taxable income by the IRS, may be renewed for up to three years.

Eligibility for the Gracie Fund extends to those who consider Washington County their home and have graduated from college within five years of the application date. Preference is given to those who are returning to Washington County and have a commitment to building both a professional and personal life within the county. A key requirement is that applicants commit to fulfilling their community service obligation by volunteering within a local organization and actively participating in the Gracie program.

Selection for the Gracie Fund revolves around three main criteria: evidence of a strong commitment to establishing new and deeper roots in Washington County, a track record of prior community service, and demonstrable financial need.

In essence, the Gracie Fund is an investment in the community and in the future of Washington County residents. If you’re a recent graduate looking to make a meaningful impact on your community while advancing your professional life, consider applying for the Gracie Fund. Not only can it lighten the financial load of student loans, but it’s also an opportunity to actively shape the future of the community you call home.

For a complete list of Eligibility requirements and everything you need to know visit our The Gracie Fund webpage

Or contact Jen Peters, Assistant Director – 207-255-0983. /

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