In the bustling landscape of today’s job market, the right skills and certifications can open doors to exciting opportunities. If you’re a Washington County resident seeking job advancement or immediate employment, our Sunrise Scholarship Fund is an opportunity you don’t want to miss.

Crafted specifically for residents with low-to-moderate income, this unique program offers scholarships of up to $500. These funds are geared towards facilitating your enrollment in a training or certification program that can significantly boost your employability, equipping you to meet your career goals head-on.

What sets the Sunrise Scholarship Fund apart is its emphasis on practical, actionable impact. This isn’t about supporting classes taken for self-enrichment, but about providing meaningful assistance where it can truly make a difference — in enabling immediate employment or career progression.

The Sunrise Scholarship Fund requirements are straightforward and aligned with this vision. As an applicant, you’ll need to demonstrate how the chosen course or program will enhance your job prospects or help you progress in your career. If you’re a past beneficiary looking to reapply, you’ll need to provide proof of successful completion of your previous training. To ensure efficient processing, all applications should reach SCEC by the first Friday of each month.

As for some frequently asked questions, here are the key points: You can apply for more than one scholarship, provided you’ve successfully completed your initial program. The maximum scholarship amount is $500, strictly earmarked for training and testing costs linked to certification or licensing. While the scholarship doesn’t cover other training-related costs, it can be used for college courses if they aren’t covered by traditional financial aid.

Once your scholarship is approved, you have six months to enroll and start your course. The scholarship review process is conducted monthly, and you’ll know about your application status within a week of the committee meeting. Importantly, although the scholarship is aimed primarily at residents within Washington County, it also accommodates online courses, recognizing the growing importance of remote learning.

In essence, the Sunrise Scholarship Fund represents more than just financial assistance. It’s a beacon of opportunity, and should be used to unlock new and creative pathways towards immediate job advancement and employment. If you’re a Washington County resident with a low-to-moderate income and a want to take the leap towards your next opportunity, look no further! The future of your career starts here — take the first step today.

For more information visit our Scholarships page, or contact our Assistant Director Jen Peters at

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