On September 23rd, 2022, The Maine Development Foundation held its 44th annual Annual Meeting & Champion Awards, in Portland, ME where they celebrated leaders, businesses, and organizations whose efforts have benefited entire communities, inspired economic resilience, and furthered progress toward equity and inclusion.

This year Sunrise County Economic Council was excited and humbled to receive MDF’s 2022 “Champion of Rural Economic Development Award!”

“The SCEC team is small, but mighty,” says Rosie Vanadestine Senior Team Leader, Economic & Community development, at MDF. “… and like so many folks throughout rural Maine, they band together with partners, local businesses, and State Agencies to ensure that individuals and families have the support [they need] to thrive.”

At SCEC, supporting the community is what we do.

“You start with the change you want to see.” Says Charles Rudelitch, Excecutive Director at SCEC. “You look at what’s needed in the community, ask people with lived experience… what’s holding them back? what’s keeping them stuck?”

From there, we Listen. Using that feedback to try to develop an intervention, a program, an assistance or an investment that help change those outcomes in the community.  Whether its through support in our tourism economy, and local fisheries, or  broadband, and adult education initiatives SCEC strives to make Washington county a more equitable, place for all who live here.

Thank you to all our partners, programs, volunteers, and community members helping to move the region forward! And Thank you to everyone at the Maine Development Foundation!

Watch the Awards Video Below:


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