If you are interested in investigating a no-interest loan, come to the Kiva Loakivan Information Session on October 18th. Kiva loans are a crowd-sourced capital development vehicle. As a loan program, participants aren’t asking for a handout— rather a hand up—and are far more likely to be fully funded for their projects.

Kiva is a 10 year-old non-profit focused on reinserting relationships into the financial system by facilitating lending through a worldwide community of over 1.5 million lenders.  Borrowers do not have to provide anything to their lenders -no interest, no gifts, no equity or other requirements.

Money can be ukiva1sed to-grade or renovate equipment and spaces, obtain working capital, hire new employees, pay for certifications and licenses, build a website, or invest in marketing.

The loans have terms of up to 36 months with payback grace periods available to agricultural businesses.

On October 18th, marketing strategist, and managing director of Collective Commitments, Patricia Pinto will lead an information session. Ms Pinto has been chosen by Kiva to serve as a Loan Plan Advisor to assist Maine entrepreneurs to access Kiva loans.

Ms. Pinto will explain how Kiva loans work and how participants can tap into this resource. A limited number of one-on-one sessions can also be scheduled with Ms. Pinto on the morning of October 19th to walk through the application.

If you are a passionate, determined entrepreneur or small business owner– sign up and come to the free information session to learn more.

To register, email Tanya at trucosky@www.scecme.org

Kiva Information Session:

Date: Tuesday, October 18th
Time: 3:00 pm – 4:30 pm
Location:  38 Prescott Dr. Machias

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