Herrick Trucking 1

Sandy and Jeff Herrick with their new truck

Sunrise County Economic Council helped local business owners Jeff and Sandy Herrick of Herrick Trucking LLC, Edmunds Twp., purchase a new 2015 Kenworth truck.  “Here we go again, thirty-six states and hardly ever home!” said Jeff, who has already logged over 40,000 miles. While he is on the road building the business, Sandy is busily looking after the office.

The UT TIF program is a partnership between the Washington County government and SCEC. The program supported this emerging business with a loan and grant to help purchase, register, and insure the new truck. “It shows anyone can better themselves,” Jeff reflected on the support the UT TIF Program offers.

Tax Increment Financing (TIF) is an economic development tool that allows Maine local governments to use new property tax revenue to support economic development. The UT TIF Program is funded by the property taxes on the wind turbines near Danforth and serves all of the unorganized territories in Washington County. The program includes nature-based tourism, revolving loan, economic development planning and capital project funds. It is open to non-profit organizations, businesses, and individuals.

For more information, contact Susan Hatton by email at: shatton@www.scecme.org, or by phone at either 207-255-0983.


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