WCLI Tau class_Left to right_Row 1-K_DeWolfe, M_Skinner, M_GiudilliRow 2_L_Godfrey, J_Robish, K_Jans, J_Dennison Row 3_C_Arrington, C_Dennison, D_Gardner, B_Johnson, E_Abbot, C_Rudelitch

WCLI Tau class Left to right:Row 1-K. DeWolfe, M. Skinner, M. Giudilli Row 2: L. Godfrey, J. Robish, K. Jans, J. Dennison Row 3:C. Arrington, C. Dennison, D. Gardner, B. Johnson, E. Abbot, C. Rudelitch

The Washington County Leadership Institute (WCLI), a program of the Sunrise County Economic Council (SCEC), will be graduating on May 6th in Cherryfield. The WCLI provides Washington County citizens with skills, insights and professional networks to become more effective leaders.

WCLI has graduated nearly 300 participants. This year, participants included Beehive Collective members Kate DeWolfe, and Mandy Skinner, Elaine Abbott from the City of Eastport, Catherin Arrington from Lubec Community Outreach Center, Jody Dennison from Machias Savings Bank, Carol Dennison from Downeast Charter Boat Tours, Daniel Gardner from UMM, Mike Giudilli from Cobscook Community Learning Center, business owners Kate Jans and Brenna Hooper, Ben Johnson from Axiom Technologies, Jennifer Robish from Washington County: One Community, and Charles Rudelitch from SCEC.

“Personal accomplishment, professional advancement, and public achievement are the trio of outcomes for which we strive. WCLI alumni are everywhere, doing important work, and making significant quality of life contributions throughout Washington County, our region and state. ” said Linda Godfrey, President of the Atlantic Leadership Center, who has facilitated the WCLI since its beginning.

“Leadership skills are applicable to every situation through life. Every person is capable of being a leader,” said Kate Jans.  “The diversity of this WCLI group has been impressive. Linda has skillfully widened the pool of developing leaders in Washington County. We have a rich community dedicated to the success of our amazing county of land, woods, water, and people.”

This year’s sponsors of the WCLI included; Machias Savings Bank, UMM, RHR Smith & Co., SCEC, the Northern Maine Development Commission as well as the Eaton and Boston Foundations

For more information about the course including how you can participate or become a sponsor, please contact Jennifer Peters (WCLI Coordinator) at 207-255-0983 or scec@www.scecme.org. Scholarships are available to assist with tuition.

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