Sunrise Scholarship FAQ

Sunrise Scholarship Fund FAQ

Q: Can I apply to the Sunrise Scholarship Fund more than once?
A: Yes. You may only have one scholarship at a time, but upon successful completion of
the program, you can apply for another scholarship if additional training would increase
your opportunities for immediate employment or job advancement.

Q: What is the maximum scholarship I can receive?
A: Up to $500.00.

Q: Can I get a scholarship for a college course?
A: Only if the course cannot be covered by financial aid. The Sunrise scholarship covers
trainings that traditional financial aid does not cover (Example: EMT Basic class at
Washington County Community College).

Q: Will a Sunrise scholarship cover other costs related to training, such as mileage and uniforms?
A: No. The scholarship will only cover training and testing costs associated with
licensing or certification.

Q: How long do I have to begin training after my scholarship is approved?
A: You have six months to enroll in and begin the course from the time you receive the
scholarship. If you have not started within the six-month timeframe, you must reapply.

Q: How long will it take to hear back to find out if my scholarship application was approved?
A: The applications are reviewed monthly by the Scholarship Coordinator and then
presented to the Sunrise County Economic Council’s Scholarship Committee for the
approval process. Within a week after the meeting, the applicant will receive a letter and
possibly a phone call informing them of the status of the scholarship.

Q: Can my scholarship be used for training outside Washington County?
A: Yes. The scholarship can also be used for online training.

Q: How do I know if I am eligible for the scholarship?
A: You must be a resident of Washington County, of low-to-moderate income, who will
be attending training that will increase your opportunities for IMMEDIATE employment
or job advancement.

For additional information please contact Jennifer Peters at 255-0983 or through email at