Your Business and the Law

Washington County Courthouse - Machias, Maine

Washington County Courthouse – Machias, Maine

As an entrepreneur, at some point you will have questions about the legal system and how it relates to your business or industry. The following is a list of legal resources to help with navigating both Maine and Federal statutes.

All — Articles, guides, FAQs on an array of topics including business, employment, personal, tax, property and tech-law.

Find Law for Small-Businesses — Localized legal information for small-businesses; lawyer search, legal forms, sample documents and FAQs.

Gavel to Gavel — Comprehensive index of legal tools, search federal, state and municipal codes across the country.

Maine State Bar Association  — Legal resources for all Mainers, including those in business. Site includes lawyer lookup, forms, and referrals.

Maine Business Laws & Regulations  — Clearinghouse of Maine laws and regulations that impact businesses every day.

Maine Statutes — Search for statutes and rules of the State of Maine; read the Maine Constitution.

Maine State Law & Legislative Reference Library — Search for Maine laws, statutes, regulations and bills in the State Legislature, or for federal and Native American laws.

Quick MBA: Law & Business — Introduction to business law, employment law, business legal structures and much more.

US Legal — Listing of state-specific legal forms for business and personal use.