Self Employment

Photo by Don Dunbar

Photo by Don Dunbar

In 2010, 10.3% of employed Maine residents were self-employed, well above the national average (Maine Department of Labor, August 2011).

In Maine, half of those self-employed are in the farming, fishing, forestry and logging industries. Twenty-five percent are in the construction industry while professional and business services and educational and health care services account for another 25 percent.

If you are currently self-employed or are thinking about going into business, these resources can help you navigate the ins and outs of entrepreneurship.

University of Maine School of Economics — Research on Maine’s economy including publications on micro-business ownership, the fishing sector, and macro-economics and how it relates to business an community development.

Business Week: Small Business  — News and information for the small business owner from one of the nation’s leading business publications. Site features blogs, videos, and articles on business and the economy.

Home Based Business Network — A social network for self-employed and home based business owners.

Idea Cafe  — All purpose business info center with guides, articles, pointers and general self-employment information of all kinds.

Institute for Family Owned Business  — Features programs and business support resources for the Maine- based family owned business.

Maine Gov. Business — One stop for Maine businesses looking for general business-related information.

Maine Chamber of Commerce — Business information and resources from across Maine. — Business and market plan templates, tutorials, weekly articles and help guides by and for entrepreneurs.

National Association for the Self Employed — Benefit plans, advice and assistance for the self-employed and small business.

National Federation of Independent Businesses — News, opinion, advocacy, tools and help guides for the micro-entrepreneur.

Open Directory’s Home Office– Yahoo! style directory listings for home-based business help guides, miscellaneous resources, and a section designed for work-at-home parents.

Small Business Wiki — Small-business articles and information updated and edited by users from across the globe.