Developing a Product

Roy Toy

Roy Toy, Maine Made Natural Wood Toys

These resources can help you turn a great idea into to an actual product. Once the product is developed, protect it through Patents & Trademarks. There are also resources on financing your new product.

Advanced Structures & Composites Center (AEWC) — A globally recognized leader in composites research and development.

Downeast Institute for Applied Marine Research & Education (DEI) — Based in Beals, DEI conducts research and development for Down East Maine’s fishing industry.

Maine Department of Agriculture Division of Market and Product Development — Resources for Maine farmers interested in developing value-added products.

Packaging the Taste of Maine  — Article by the Maine Organic Farmers & Gardeners Association (MOFGA) about developing Maine based value-added organic products.

Patents  & Trademarks

Canadian Intellectual Property Office — Canada’s intellectual property resource center offers general information, links, guides, and searches of Canadian intellectual property.

Fogler Library (U-Maine) Patent & Trademark Depository — A clearinghouse for patent, trademark, and copyright information. This site also links to state, federal and international patent offices.

International Trademark Association (INTA) — A one-stop resource for protecting your brand internationally. Learn about the organization’s programs, research, and benefits of international trademarking.

Maine Trademarks — Guide, forms and information about getting trademarks and names in the State of Maine.

Maine Trademark & Name Search  — Keyword searches of Maine corporations, and trademarks.

Patent & Trademark Resource Center Association (PTRCA) — Intellectual property resources depository with links to global patenting and trademark offices, databases and general information in over 30 countries.

US Copyright Office — Helpful FAQs and copyright information. Search copyright records or download forms, flyers and fact sheets.

US Patent & Trademark Office — File, check on the status of, or search for a patent or trademark registered in the United States.

US Patent & Trademark Office: Patents — Everything to get you started on the patenting process, including FAQs, patent guides, a searchable database and online filing.

US Patent & Trademark Office: Trademarks — Everything to get you started on the trademark process — FAQs, guides and keyword searches.

Worldwide Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO)— Offers global patent, trademark, and other intellectual property resources.

Financing New Products’s Guide to Getting New Products Funded — Articles and advice on funding, selling, marketing and licensing your new product.’s Guide to Grants, Small Business Loans and Government Programs — Funding opportunities for inventors and innovators.

Maine Technology Institute — Early-stage, patient capital for the research and development of innovative, technology based projects that create new products and services, generating jobs in the state of Maine.

Small Business Innovation Research Program — Funding for businesses with new and cutting edge technological products.