About SCEC

Building a Brighter Future for Washington County

Photo by Don Dunbar

Photo by Don Dunbar

The Sunrise County Economic Council (SCEC) initiates and facilitates the creation of jobs and prosperity in Washington County, Maine, by working with a consortium of community-minded businesses, not-for-profit organizations, municipalities and citizens.

SCEC was founded in 1993 by a group of business and community leaders and actively promotes a grassroots approach to economic and community development. By seeking common ground, working across traditional political, municipal and economic boundaries, the Council is working with Washington County residents to build a brighter future.

Guiding Principles for Supporting Development

Diversifying the commercial and industrial base  sustain our region’s economy. Thus, SCEC promotes development of projects in the region. This may be in the form of advising on financing packages, technical assistance, business support resources, site location, testing workforce availability, providing project management or other assistance as necessary to support a particular project.

When SCEC is called on to take an active role on a project such as support, advocacy, endorsement, or project management assistance, the following serve as guidelines to assist the Board in advancing our mission by becoming involved in a project:

  1. Economic Impact: The number and quality of jobs created should be consistent with the scale of the development. Business planning should demonstrate a workforce is on hand, or can be made available with necessary training, and that the jobs are sustainable over the projected life of the project.
  1. Community Impact: The project’s net impact on the region’s natural resources, public infrastructure and community institutions will be positive or neutral. This can be achieved through project planning, mitigation, net gains in tax revenue, and other means.
  1. Technical Feasibility: The project should have a high likelihood of success, evidenced by technical expertise, management capabilities, and financial capacity for development and operation.
  1. Stakeholder Involvement: The project’s principals must demonstrate their commitment to Washington County by working with community-based constituencies to maximize the positive impact of the project on the region